What is the Garlic Chop™?

In case you haven’t come across The Garlic Chop™ in a fine kitchen or cookware store near you… it’s the kind of garlic gadget that James Bond would have in his kitchen.  The Garlic Chop™ lets you chop your garlic seamlessly, with no mess, no wasted product, and no hard to clean parts.

What does the Garlic Chop™ do?

Easily mince your cloves in The Garlic Chop™ to produce deliciously chopped garlic to use in all of your recipes. Are you a garlic lover that wants a better way to easily chop and crush garlic without getting your hands dirty? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

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As seen on the Marilyn Dennis Show

Garlic Chop Features

Riser Plate

The Garlic Chop™ features a patented riser plate that allows for optimal removal of your minced product without having to use your hands or additional tools.

Dishwasher Safe

No need to worry, the Garlic Chop™ is dishwasher friendly!

Granularity & Additional Uses

Level your granularity by rotating less or more. The Garlic Chop can also be used for ginger, baby carrots, radishes, and hot peppers.

A Truly Unique Design

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“It came in the mail today.  I minced some garlic even though I didn’t need to. So awesome…  Just so you know, I found your product when I Bing searched “Garlic mincer that doesn’t suck.”  Very glad I did. Just threw away every other mincer I have tried. Thanks!”  Daniel C. – Feb. 11, 2014

“Ordered, thanks again, I also copied a link to your webpage on my FB and touted your product. I don’t have many “gadgets” as I am a very hands on cook, but I loveyour product.  Have a great day.”  Wendy B. – April 19, 2015

“I like How easy it is to wash!  The bright green color and ribbed texture also make it stand out in my drawer”, Mapeline F. – March 2016 – AllRecipes Magazine

We love your product! I saw it at a show in Chicago and it’s been very popular with my cooking classes. CrescentCityCooks, Nita – Feb 8, 2012

“I have previously ordered 2 garlic chops from you and I LOVE the product!!” Yasmeen K. – Nov. 7, 2013

“Hi Folks,  I love the looks of your two products.  I ordered one set. googled “how to chop garlic“. I take two cloves a day.  I cut them laboriously with a knife   I needed something faster for both peeling and smashing to a pulp.   Haha. There you were.  Good luck with your business.”  MaryKay C. – July 13, 2015

“I received my garlic peel today and it works great! Thanks so much for sending it out. I love it!!! You guys make great products. I will be sure to tell my friends how great your products are and about the great customer service you give. Thanks, Jessica Z.” – July 20, 2014