Grandma’s Wisdom: 7 Odd Garlic Remedies You Never Heard About


Hand Filled With Garlic Cloves With Text That Reads 7 Odd Remedies Using Garlic Cloves



Garlic is a commonly available herb and dietary supplement that has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It's even been documented in ancient Egyptian texts dating back to 1550 BC. Modern research of eating garlic originated around 1950. 

The 7 Garlic Remedies 

Garlic is generally known for preventing high cholesterol, blood pressure and cancer.  It can even help regulate your blood/sugar levels.  It is known for its anti-viral, bacterial, and fungal properties.  Speaking from experience, it will burn and peel your finger skin off if you chop 100’s of garlic bulbs a week! Alkaline foods, like garlic, prevent cancers and diseases from thriving. Here are some odd ways Grandma used garlic:

  1. Cold Sores- rub garlic on a cut or cold sore to aid in the healing process and kill bacteria. If that's too messy, you can buy garlic oil
  2. Ear Infections- garlic can help with earaches or chronic ear infections. You can cut a piece of garlic like the sharp part of an earplug and wrap it in tissue, set it in the ear overnight to kill infections and help with pain
  3. Colds - Get rid of a cold and calm a cough by seeping garlic in hot water and strain. Drink it up for a natural cold remedy
  4. Fight Acne- rub a clove of garlic on the area on a regular basis as garlic has antibacterial propertie
  5. Kills Fungus- get rid of athlete's foot by crushing garlic and adding water for a foot soak.Wart Remedy- try placing some crushed garlic on a wart, then cover it with a band-aid over night. A substance called Allicin is formed after being chopped.  This will help burn the wart off.
  6. Mouthwash-you can even add a clove of garlic to your mouthwash to fight off bad germs, but I don’t think it would taste too good.  Your friends might not like you anymore. 

Garlic’s Medicinal Benefits 

Believe it or not, in WWI and WWII garlic was used as an antiseptic to inhibit gangrene.

High in antioxidants, garlic can help reduce the number of free radicals in our body, thereby boosting your immune system.  Garlic also has anti-biotic properties.

Vitamins you can find in garlic are: C, B6, manganese and selenium.  Some people may not be interested in any garlic health benefits... they just want to eat it because tastes great in a whole lot of dishes, cooked or raw.

In either case, we recommend using The Garlic Chop and Peel to quickly put this herb to work.