About us

Originally created in 2005 by Evan Ruzycky, our products are now licensed and sold Internationally.  "Its a great feeling when you can help so many people make their lives simpler in the kitchen.", says Ruzycky.  Until 2007, conventional ways of peeling and chopping garlic still seemed to frustrate people.

Some products not only didn't look right but they just didn't work.  "I mean, who wants to press garlic through these little holes and then spend time cleaning each hole, crazy!".  Right?  It makes sense.  "What is the easiest way to chop garlic & how do you open garlic easily?", I hear this a lot, says Ruzycky. 

Never did we ever dream we would be peeling and chopping hundreds of lbs/kgs of garlic with our gadgets.  "I definately have a new passion for garlic... have learned so much about it over the years since inventing the Garlic Chop & Peel".

If you love gadgets or are in the market for trying a new way to chop veggies, why not give our products a try?