About Us

The Garlic Chop creator Evan Ruzycky stands infront of his booth at a tradeshow wearing a garlic shaped hat

The Garlic Chop was created to give hobby cookers and food lovers a simple solution to chopping garlic to their desired consistency in half the time with less of a mess. A traditional garlic press often takes time to individual press each clove, clean, and leaves the scent of garlic lingering on your fingers. Though alternative kitchen gadgets existed, most did not work right and frustrated people.

Originally created in 2005 by founder Evan Ruzycky, The Garlic Chop and The Garlic Peel went to market in 2007, and our products are now sold internationally to give people an easy, quick, and simple kitchen solution.

Tired of your garlic press? Purchase The Garlic Chop and The Garlic Peel today!