Tales From the Tradeshow - What Happens When You Mince 5lbs of Garlic a Day?

Pan Filled With Garlic Next To The Garlic Chop Product

Garlic is Delicious, but it Has a Strong Smell 

Sometimes when we get to the tradeshows and even before we set the booth up people are already starting to get weary of us.  “What do you guys do?” they ask.  “Well”, I say “we do demonstrations using The Garlic Chop to show people how easy it is to mince your garlic.  We chop up to 5lbs a day.”  They freak. Can you imagine being beside someone for 3, 4, 10, or even 18 days in a row that stink like garlic?  On occasion people have to leave the area because it is so potent.  One lady claimed she got a headache.

One time, we had some people selling chocolate beside us.  When they found out what we do they immediately moved.  It was great, we got their space at no extra cost because the tradeshow didn’t want an empty booth space showing.

Garlic has a pungent and distinct smell.  You either love it or hate it.  I’ve even realized that about one out of every 10,000 people would be allergic to it.  The smell and pungent taste is due to the Allicin that is produced once the garlic is chopped.  It reaches full potency in about 10 min, really!

We don’t have to eat garlic to stink.  Trust me when you chop up to 10,000 bulbs a year at tradeshows everything you wear will stink.  Not only will you smell like garlic, but if you are not careful the Alkalinity in garlic will peel the skin off your fingers – think about that when it comes to garlic health benefits.  Oh sure, a bulb here or there is fine but after chopping up about 1000 bulbs in a row you just want to soak your hands.

How The Garlic Peel Can Help

When chopping garlic in your own kitchen, you can avoid the scent of garlic lingering on your fingers by using The Garlic Peel. Simply place the garlic clove in one end, roll back and forth, and take it out the other, peeled.